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Sasso Marconi owes its name to the cliff overlooking the valleys of the Reno and the Setta (the Sasso) riand to Guglielmo Marconi, the scientist who invented radio and wireless communication.

Hills and riversides offer beautiful nature trails and sporty ones, too. The area is particularly prolific in the making of typical local products - wine, chestnuts, truffles - and enjoys a good food and wine tradition.

Worth a visit are Villa Griffone - in Pontecchio - which houses the scientist’s mausoleum and the Marconi Museum. Also worth mentioning are the "Dè Rossi" palace and the ancient village of Colle Ameno. Sasso Marconi offers many typical foods, like wine, chestnuts and truffles. In Pontecchio Marconi, an excellent destination for a walk in the greenery on the trail of history, are the Renaissance Palazzo de' Rossi, which housed Popes and poets such as Torquato Tasso, and the charming eighteenth-century village of Colle Ameno. An example of Enlightenment architecture, the latter was part of a complex (partly restored) which included a villa, the church in Baroque style and the village with houses and workshops. In its most flourishing period, it was the center of numerous artistic activities including a majolica factory.


Via degli Dei

Historical itinerary which connects Bologna to Florence, crossing the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines that  passes through Sasso Marconi has become one of the most famous and important Italian trials.

Via della Lana e della Seta


The path connects two historic centers of great value, which have grown over the centuries thanks to the skilful management of water: Bologna, the city of  canals, for centuries the capital of silk; and Prato, the city of Cavalciotto, gore and fulling, capital of the wool and textile district.



Itineraries divided by zones that cover area of Sasso Marconi and the nrearby localities. Each route represents the great naturalistic, historical, and architectural variety of the territory.

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Guglielmo Marconi


In Pontecchio Marconi there is Villa Griffone, the paternal house where the young inventor spent most of his adolescence and successfully carried out his first experiments in wireless telegraphy. Today Villa Griffone is the seat of the Marconi Museum; inside, the visitor is led to walk through the fundamental stages of his life.


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