Gothic Line

Starting from October 1943, the German troops deployed in the peninsula prepared to face the Anglo-American army, opposing its access to the Po Valley by building a defensive line along the entire Apennine ridge: the Gothic Line.

Stations, trenches and shelters used by the Germans along the itinerary, today they have become an equipped route that, in the territory of Sasso Marconi, starts from the Parco dei Prati di Mugnano through places full of history such as Monte Mario and Monte Sole that let you imagine the conditions in which the troops lived the last months of the war.

The municipal area is rich in testimonies of the war and large billboards illustrate local events and the entire Italian countryside in the localities.


The gothic line in Sasso Marconi: the itinerary 

The massif of Mount Adone, from October '44 to April '45, represented for the Germans the extreme defensive line at the gates of Bologna. Workers enlisted in the “Todt” organization built shelters, trenches and warehouses. A real “natural bastion” was created which sloped down from 654 m of Monte Adone to 466 m of Monte Mario, facing the convergence of the Setta and Reno valleys.

The itinerary has several access points and can be covered in about 4 hours. From Badolo to Monte Adone, it coincides with the Via degli Dei, an ancient Roman military road that connected Bologna to Fiesole.

Area interested in the Gothic Line project

• Monte Mario: Gothic Line Project itinerary (CAI paths 118 and 110: travel time from 2 to 4 hours). Go up to Villa Quiete and follow the indications of the CAI 118 path, upon reaching the crossroads take the CAI 110 path uphill to the top of Monte Mario; from here go down to an intersection from which you continue to the right. Alternatively, from the Prati di Mugnano public park car park, take the CAI 118 or CAI 122 paths.

• Monte Alto: Gothic Line Project itinerary (travel time 1 hour and 30 minutes) 

By car from Sasso Marconi follow the provincial road Val di Setta until you take the junction on the left for Badolo and Battedizzo, continue for about 6 km passing the detour to the right for Brento, up to the brow, after about 1 km. Take Via delle Valli on the right and park in the open space at 50 m. Back on the asphalt, take a few steps back towards Badolo, follow a cavedagna to the right (closed by an bypassable chain) and follow the signs for "Progetto Lineo Gotica".

• Monte Adone:  Gothic Line Project itinerary (travel time from 3 to 4 hours)

By car from Sasso Marconi, take the provincial road Val di Setta until you take the junction on the left for Badolo and Battedizzo, continue for about 6 km taking the detour to the right for Brento. Continue on the main road on asphalt until you take the junction for Brento on the left. In Brento, pass the restaurant and turn right towards the multipurpose center.


Places of Memory


Colle Ameno

Plaque in memory of the Concentration Camp and sorting of numerous prisoners killed by the Nazis

Hall of remembrance

Multimedia documentation and consultation center, educational path from the Fascist period to the present day on the themes "living in war, the Gothic line, the concentration system, building peace

Town square in Sasso Marconi

"Garden of remembrance" (corner Via Porrettana, V.le Nuovo) monument dedicated to the fallen of all wars

Rio Conco

Monument near the site of the massacre in which rounded up civilians were shot by the Nazis after digging their grave



Memorial stone in memory of the partisans and civilians who died in battle and as a result of reprisals

Cavallazzo (Rasiglio)

Memorial stone in memory of the fallen of the battle

Suore di Mongardino

Memorial stone in memory of the partisans and civilians killed by the Nazis

Ponte delle lepri

Memorial stone in memory of a partisan of Monte San Pietro shot



Memorial to the fallen of the Resistance and photographic exhibition


Plaque in memory of Father Mario Ruggeri, killed by the Nazis while he was in columns with other prisoners on the road


Facade of the old rebuilt parish church that still retains the marks of the shrapnel that devastated it

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